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Built to plug into that square console spot on the Tacoma 3rd Gen (automatic transmission models only - 2016), these Console Insert Boxes are handcrafted one by one to fit directly into that square space in the center console that no one knows what to do with. You can turn that space into a stylish interior accent with a utilitarian stash box. Many versions have led to this 2.0 edition, and we have some awesome offerings here. Choose from a top inlaid with a badge, patch, velcro or plain.


First of all...choose:

  • Raw Wood (available only with hinged lid & no box top design)
  • Matte Black Enamel


Next, choose how you want the lid to function:

  • Hinged
  • Removable


Finally, select the box top design you prefer:

  • 75Built Metal Badge
  • 75Built Embroidered
  • TRD Embroidered [Red, Pink, Blue, Tan or White]
  • Velcro [Loop]
  • Blank


We bet you at this very moment, yours is full of gum wrappers and crumpled receipts! Clean that up with our sleek hand crafted Insert Boxes! We carry Raw wood versions if you prefer to paint it yourself!

Console Insert Box 2.0 for Tacoma (3rd Gen)

    • Storage boxes for center console
    • Made from reclaimed wood trimmings
    • 1/4” architectural grade Baltic Birch plywood
    • Raw wood or matte black enamel options
    • 75Built "hand made" brand in box bottom
    • Various box top lid options
    • Each box custom fitted to square console of automatic transmission models of 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016 - Present)
    • Precision fitted and constructed using blend of CNC machining & handcrafting
    • Metal wire hinges
    • Designed and Manufactured in USA
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