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The Blue Sea Fuse Block offers a cost effective, space saving and organized solution to adding circuit protection when there are limited available circuit breakers on the distribution panel. A single circuit breaker on a distribution panel can provide the circuit protection for the feed wire to the Fuse Block. This is frequently done for devices such as light bars and compressors that each have their own ON-OFF switch inside the cab and don’t require the switching offered by a circuit breaker. The 6 or 12 circuit Fuse Block provides a consolidated location for standard ATO/ATC fuses for each of the devices you add. Whether using Switch Pros or wiring the lines yourself you still need a reliable Fuse Block. This is the one! We carry a 6 Circuit and 12 Circuit version Fuse Block that be wired to your vehicles needs. You will need to wire the spades yourself and provide the fuses. The 6 Circuit (5025) measures 4.894” x 3.315” and the 12 Circuit (5026) at 6.472” x 3.315. We have pre-cut holes that work for either on our 75Built Auxiliary Wiring Tray. Ready-to-use Mounting Hardware can be added specifically to fit our Tray. Hardware bag consists of 4 stainless steel Allen bolts at the correct length with stainless steel nylon locking nuts. Check out all of our wiring tray parts and accessories.

Blue Sea Fuse Block with Cover

    • Blue Sea Fuse Block with Cover
    • Consolidates branch circuits and in-line fuses
    • Size options: 6 circuits or 12 circuits
    • Can be used for 24-hour circuits
    • Cover has push button latch for easy fuse access
    • Accepts ring or snap fork type terminals
    • Positive distribution bus & negative bus
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