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Gorilla Lug Nut Locks are designed to work with aftermarket wheels that require thin diameter sockets. Each lug nut is manufactured to exacting standards from hardened heat treated steel and hand polished before plating for beauty and longevity. Small Diameter kits include one heat treated key and registration sticker. Gorilla Wheel Lock Systems are made with high quality heat treated hardened steel. The locking lugs feature a unique external security pattern which will protect your expensive wheels from unwanted removal. The Lock Key itself is 3.5” in length for a long reach, and is a Dual Hex Socket that can be driven with a 3/4" and 13/16" hex socket or lug wrench.


Perfect for Toyota’s lineup of vehicles: Tacoma, Runner, Tundra and FJCruiser all benefit from these smaller diameter lugs when using Black Rhino Wheels and other aftermarket wheel manufacturers. Lug centric means they also help line up the wheel perfectly on the hub so you don't get strange wobbles on the road. These are Acorn/Conical Seat (not Ball Seat or Mag Seat).



Gorilla Wheel Locks - 5-Pack [21631BCB5] 12mm x 1.50 Thread, 5-Pack with Key

A lock per wheel, including spare. Lock Key is Chrome Vanadium Dual Hex Socket with 3/4" and 13/16”.




Gorilla Wheel Lock Installation Kit - 24-Pack [K6CES-12150BGR] 12mm x 1.50 Thread, 24-Pack with Key

The 24-Pack lugs are ET (Extended Thread) lug nuts, designed to help center lug-centric aftermarket wheels on the vehicle's wheel studs. ET lug nuts are NOT compatible with factory original OEM wheels, aftermarket wheels only. IE: Black Rhino Wheels.

Excellent for the standard 6-Lug Toyota setup, the 24-Pack gives you 6 locks per wheel. These are a set of ET Spline Drive lugs. The enhancement here is the 1/4” extra Extended Thread (ET) at the base of the acorn to give extra seating to aftermarket wheels. This can result in 4-5 extra turns, adding peace of mind to how secure your wheels are especially on shorter stock threads. The extended shank must not bottom-out on the rotor when it is torqued to factory specifications. Please check with Gorilla Automotive Products to ensure proper fitment. 


Gorilla Automotive was founded more than 35 years ago, and has since then established itself as a leader in the auto accessories industry. Gorilla products are well known for their quality, functionality, and innovation! Note: 75Built is an authorized dealer of Gorilla Automotive Products, so your new product will include the full factory warranty.

Gorilla Wheel Locks

    • Narrow lug nuts and key fit in virtually all aftermarket wheels
    • Dual Hex Socket with 3/4" and 13/16" Hex
    • Black chrome finish, hardened steel
    • 5-pack/key, spline drive
    • 24-pack/key, ET spline drive
    • Thin profile key adaptor socket
    • Perfect for narrow/small opening lug holes
    • Unique adaptor triple chrome plating
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