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Full Windsor Magsticks are embedded with magnets, allowing them to be neatly stored together when not in use. The magnets are strong enough to hold the chopsticks together, but do not affect them when in use. They also feature grooved notches on their tips, to allow for better grip on slippery morsels of food. Magsticks are made of pure titanium and have a durable sandblasted finish. These chopsticks are ultra-light weight and hard wearing, designed to be taken everywhere with you. Magsticks come with a handy recycled polyester pouch (made 100% from recycled plastic bottles) to keep them safely stowed away. Packaging is made of 100% recycled cards.



Magsticks have been designed to address the problem of billions of single use utensils every year. Many of them end up in our oceans and waterways and adversely effecting delecate populations of sea turtles, sea birds, fish and other ocean creatures. The same way as carrying drinking bottles has become ubiquitous to people’s everyday lives, we hope to see non-disposable chopsticks used in the same way. Help us have a positive effect against this waste and pollution crisis that is growing exponentially every year.

Magsticks - Titanium Magnetic Chopsticks

SKU : 7700-TCHOP
    • Reusable magnetic chopsticks
    • Made of pure titanium
    • Set includes: chopsticks & pouch
    • Finish: sandblasted
    • Ultra-light weight
    • Care: dishwasher safe, mild detergents
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