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Blue Sea electrical products, known for their quality, bring us the perfect 30A Terminal Block for wiring up accessories on your rig. This Terminal Block is the correct size to bring individual lines of power to each of your additional accessories. Ample space to wire with roomy 3/8" wide slots, each pair of stainless steel screws are one isolated circuit. The terminal strips are serrated for best possible contact with ring or spade terminals. We offer 2 sizes of the 30A that fit our Auxiliary Wiring Tray; the 8 Circuit and the 10 Circuit Terminal Block. The 8 Circuit (Model 2508) measures in at 5.5” x 1.33” and 10 Circuit (Model 2510) is a bit longer at 6.63” x 1.33”. You can order these terminal blocks solo for your own system or you can order them for the 75Built Auxiliary Wiring Tray that includes the compatible ready-to-use bag of stainless steel Mounting Hardware. Mounting Hardware comes specifically selected to fit our Tray, in this case 2 stainless steel Allen bolts at the correct length with stainless steel nylon lock nuts. Check out all of our wiring tray parts and accessories.

Blue Sea 30A Terminal Block

    • Blue Sea 30A Terminal Block
    • Closed back design completely insulates power from the mounting surface
    • Available sizes: 8 Circuit (2508) and 10 Circuit (2510)
    • Continuous rating: 30A
    • Compatible with 75Built Auxiliary Wiring Tray
    • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware available
    • Stainless steel terminal screws
    • Each screw pair is one isolated circuit
    • Jumpers allow creation of common circuits
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