Introducing the 75Built 1/2" Soft Shackle.

Soft shackles are the safe modern way to connect to a stuck vehicle. Not only are they lighter and safer than steel shackles, but they can quickly wrap around odd shapes you otherwise would never be able to.

We use 1/2" rope to provide more than enough strength to pull out regular size trucks and SUV's with ease. Simply locate safe recovery point, wrap the loop end around the ball end, connect to synthetic winch line and you achieve 55,000 lbs of towing ability. Used by recovery specialists to reach those hard to access points on a variety of vehicles, soft shackles have proven to be an incredible asset in the field.


With the lightweight construction of our synthetic rope, you are adding a super strong non-projectile link to your recovery system, without any unnecessary weight. To prolong its life we have added a protective sleeve to minimize wear and tear. It's waterproof, quick to dry, and floats if you ever drop in the river. Use it with our 75Built 4" Recovery Ring today!

Note: Recovery Ring and Steel Shackle not included.

75Built 1/2" Soft Shackle

    • High strength synthetic rope
    • 55,000 lbs minimum breaking strength
    • 1/2" x 21" (67 mm x 500 mm)
    • Abrasion resistant outer protective sleeve
    • Safe alternative to traditional steel shackles
    • Floats in water