Upgrade those cheap plastic tire valve caps - those were meant for your Huffy bicycle not your vehicle! Our 75Built aluminum tire valve caps seal and protect your shrader valves. Inside each cap has a rubber o-ring seal and outside has hatching knurling for a super steady grip. They are anodized in black, red, blue, silver, green, pink, gold & graphite and we laser etch our iconic 75B logo on each top. Besides the super clean look, anodizing provides an unbeatable abrasion resistance, a protective oxide layer to prevent atmospheric corrosion - no crusty valves!

75Built Tire Valve Caps

    • Comes in a 2-Pack, 4-Pack & 5-Pack
    • Custom anodized colors
    • Knurled texture for easy grip
    • Universal vehicle tire valves
    • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
    • O-ring seal keeps dirt and water out of valve
    • Reduces air loss on leaky valve cores