You’ve heard the horror stories. With all the reliability and fanfare our Tacoma’s get, Toyota doesn't drop the ball very often. But they blew it in the case of the sad, factory 2-inch air conditioning drainage spout that drips directly onto the frame. This is a known issue and many owners have reported rusted out welds on the frame within a 100 miles! Thanks Toyota. 75Built has put together a stress free DIY kit with all you need to simply clamp, attach and redirect that line down and around the frame to a safe spot out of the way. The kit includes to correct length extention hose, stainless steel hose clamp, and 4 zip ties to secure everything. We’ve got you covered!

AC Hose Extension for Tacoma (3rd Gen)

    • Fits all 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma models
    • Clear hose precut to exact length
    • Hose clamp to secure to existing AC spout
    • 4 zip ties included for anchoring hose
    • Redirects AC water drainage away from frame to avoid any rust damage to frame
    • 10 minute DIY instructions in video