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Abandoned Structure in Joshua Tree, CA

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Just a simple left turn after the best meal in the desert at local extraordinary hot desert spot 'La Copine' straight out of Flamingo Heights area of Yucca Valley - you end up in the hot beds of the desert flood plain.

This story begins with a single home owner up on a hill overlooking 2 separate spans of creek bed frequented by 4x4 recreation enthusiasts as reported by locals. Unhappy with the constant roaring of off-road trucks and buggies on the sandy silt, the home owner on the hill fired his shotgun at a few dirt bikes riding by and in return was hauled off to jail.

He was held in jail long enough that his house went into foreclosure and the off-roading community passed a sentence for him. Still angered by the shotgun altercation they began gutting the house of anything of any value.

Today the house is completely stripped including glass windows removed, siding, all appliances and even the walls of the garage. It sits alone and quietly up on the hill, decorated with graffiti, housing a banksy-esque art installation on the interior and has become an oddity to visit...and somewhat of a dumping site.

Along with the toy tank photo in the sandy foreground, this was a peculiar dump of children's toys, debris scattered and abandoned, more toys and dolls are found in a nearby Yucca tree at the side of the house. Snapping a photo is just a small window into such as a surreal scene.

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