75Built offers up a virtually indestructible reusable and shatterproof cup for the great outdoors. Our BPA-free polymer Overland Camp Cup is perfect for multi-use and can sustain a stomping! Made with recycled water bottles, these 14 ounce cups are guaranteed to never break, chip or crack. Perfect for throwing in your backpack and bouncing around with the rest of your camp gear. They stack and snap together for easy storage. Class it up on the trail…snap on a vino stem and have a drink and cheese. Hand wash only, not for dishwasher or microwave use.


Notes on the artwork: Our crystal clear Overland Camp Cups feature our 75Built logo and art by local California artist JessieKeylon.com in which she embodies the landscape of Joshua Tree. Her drawing depicts the signature rock formations of Joshua Tree National Park, pioneer campers and the famous upward reaching Joshua Trees. You can visit Jessie’s shop in Pioneertown, CA next time you’re in the Joshua Tree area.

Overland Camp Cups

    • Available as cup or stemmed cup (both are 14 oz.)
    • Reusable, unbreakable & shatterproof
    • Will not chip, break or crack
    • Rounded rim, crystal like clarity
    • BPA-free polymer drinkware
    • Stronger, studier than disposables
    • Recommended care: hand wash only with gentle, non-abrasive sponge
    • No microwave, no dishwasher
    • Pop ’n Lock stackable for secure stacking and storage
    • Wine stems simply snap on and snap off for storage and convenience
    • Each glass contains 3 recycled water bottles
    • Made with up to 50% recycled material
    • 100% recyclable