This is the perfect Overland Storage Crate…stackable and can easily lock down in the bed of your truck. These utility crates are made in the USA and were designed to replace the old wooden military crates. Use it for ammo if you want, we use it for our bug-out kitchen gear. Emergency kits, survival supplies and recovery gear would work great in these too. Whatever items you've got, we have the 5", 8" and a 12" tall size to fit them.

Camping gear in photos not included.


Shipping costs are on the rise. Not available to ship to Hawaii.

Please pickup locally if you can!

Overland Storage Crates

    • Multi-use utility storage box
    • Color: Flat Dark Earth
    • Water-resistant
    • Easy-carry clamping side latches
    • 2 lockable tie down points
    • Stackable ridges
    • Made in the USA