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75Built 4" Recovery Ring with ripstop bag included.

The 75Built 4" Recovery Ring has no moving parts and is the safest way to recover your vehicle.

Our aluminum rings are made from 7075 aluminum (stronger than 6000 series aluminum). We then hard anodize in 2 colors to protect from the elements and finalize with laser etching our logo and info specifications. Recovery Winch Rings are the most efficient way to change direction of a pull or double your winching load. To use, run your synthetic winch line around the exterior grooves of the ring and attach your soft shackle though the interior hole to your recovery point. Pull the winch line back towards your vehicle and connect to a strong recovery point. Friction-free rounded edges do not cause abrasion on your synthetic lines or soft shackles. The internal diameter hole is 1 3/8”, perfect for using one of our 75Built 1/2” Soft Shackles. Our heavy weight 4” Recovery Ring is designed for large 4×4 trucks and SUV’s in the typical 14,000 lbs – 22,000 lbs range.

Note: Color anodizing can vary based on batch. Soft Shackle not included. Check out our Combo Kits for more options.

75Built 4" Recovery Ring

    • Heavy weight recovery ring
    • Comes with rip stop storage bag
    • Made for large size 4x4 trucks and SUV’s
    • Friction-free rounded edges
    • Precision CNC machined
    • 4 inch diameter
    • Hard anodized protective oxide layer
    • 7075 billet aluminum
    • For various rope diameters 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” (8 - 16 mm)
    • Designed for use with our 1/2” soft shackles
    • General working load limit 22,000 lbs
    • For use with synthetic rope
    • Safer than steel snatch blocks
    • No moving parts/eliminates mechanical snatch blocks
    • Safer than steel snatch blocks
    • Ring cannot be clogged with mud or dirt
    • One ring doubles winching capacity
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