By far…the best solution for a secure and hidden, push-button on-board air system for your Tacoma. This OEM fit Air Compressor Kit for the 3rd Gen Tacoma installs under the rear seat for the ideal location…accessable air for front and rear tires! Adjust the PSI with the included tire pressure gauge and hoses assembly to inflate 2 tires at a time! Best of all, it doesn’t bounce around in the truck bed, take up a valuable seat or get filthy when mounted in your engine bay. Imagine this...with you at all times, truly out-of-sight…out-of-mind. This direct air compressor is right up there with the ARB compressors coming in right between the single and double ARB in speed - fills up a large 33” (285) tire in 2 minutes. The word “COMPRESSOR” lights up in bright LED’s when in use. Follow our 8-step easy installation guide that requires only a few extras that should already be in your garage: step drill bit, cordless drill, socket wrenches, hex bits, screwdriver - everything else included! Requires access to your rear storage compartments. This complete kit includes all necessary wiring harness, mounting hardware and quick connects & hoses to have you up and running and ready for the weekend.

Tacoma Under-Seat Air Compressor Kit

SKU: 7662-COMP-T
    • Best onboard air solution for 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016+)
    • OEM fit air compressor kit
    • Designed for inflating 2 tires at once
    • Mounts flush under Tacoma rear seat
    • Provides push-button air service at critical location (mid-point between 2 tires)
    • Allows reinflating tires after off-roading
    • Top off tires when the Tire Pressure Monitor “TPM” indicates low tire pressure
    • Inflates extras such as air mattresses, sports equipment, bicycles & pressurized water tanks
    • Complete and integrated installation kit
    • Thorough 8-step installation guide