Introducing the 75Built Keychain.

Our hand crafted keychain is CNC-milled from a solid piece of Red Oak. This hard wood is then iron branded at over 700° with our custom seal "Hand Crafted, 75Built Overland." Sanded and double coated in satin Varathane, we make it smooth to the touch with a crystal clear finish for lasting life. We then inlay our black stainless steel emblem flush into the designated milled position. The emblem is bolted to the oak with black oxide hex hardware, nuts countersunk, with locktite to prevent unscrewing. A large, indispensable key ring with chain is attached to finish the piece. Made and designed with care in USA, San Diego, California.


75Built Keychain

SKU: 7560-KEYC-N
    • Oak hard wood keychain
    • Stainless steel 75Built emblem
    • Black oxide allen hardware
    • Chain and ring
    • Burned in hand crafted logo
    • Made and designed in USA